Project and Program Delivery

We provide a depth of consultants that are focused on delivering projects on time, within budget and focused highly on client satisfaction. With a focus on senior management and executive priorities, we first align project and program direction with the goals of the organization at the highest levels and deliver within the bounds of those prioritized outcomes. Considering an integrated approach to achieve these outcomes, we incorporate principles of change management, business process optimization, operational excellence, knowledge management and business intelligence as significant parts of our core delivery system. Our recent and historical proven successes demonstrate that our team has repeatedly used this methodology to deliver successfully where others have failed.

Organizational Change Management

YYC Tech Consulting uses a unified, company adapted toolset based on PROSCI principles to deliver effective change management. Through both targeted organizational change management activities and system driven change management activities, our consultants have successfully delivered numerous change initiatives large and small. Our approach is to combine a top-down and bottom-up approach driven first by an executive-level decision team and second by an operationally focused management team. Using this unified approach ensures executive buy-in and allows us to move at a pace that fits the organization while driving project deliverables to a timely completion.

Business Process Analysis, Improvement & Optimization

Our core focus is applying system thinking and methods in bringing people and processes together to improve performance and achieve remarkable results. We help our clients build the IT architecture, data governance, and organizational capabilities to capture the potential of big data and advanced analytics. We turn data into actionable insights and improved performance. We identify the highest-value opportunities, source the most relevant internal and external data, apply world-class analytics and modeling, and drive adoption throughout the organization.

Operational Excellence & Business Transformation

With expertise across core project capabilities, we help clients mine the value from tighter linkages between operations and projects, innovations and technology, and strategy and the organization. We work at all levels of the organization, with equal credibility in the C-suite, the back office, and frontline operations. From decades of transformation experience, we understand how to make change happen and keep implementation on track to achieve rapid and enduring impact.

Information & Knowledge Management

Two key goals of the modern business must be: 1.transforming corporate information into a valuable, strategic asset; and, 2. mitigating the risks associated with high-value, high-risk data such as operating records. Information & intelligence are the core of the modern business. Documents, data and information stored on company assets and outside the company can be a cost, a burden and a legal risk if not managed and leveraged effectively. We have a proven track record of transforming documents, data and information to provide true business value and financial return for large organizations.

Business Intelligence, Forensics & Predictive Analytics

We have deep expertise in mathematical algorithms and techniques such as quantitative risk analysis, multi-criteria decision making, constrained optimization, market and sentiment analysis, security threats detection to decipher patterns from large sets of data and apply those insights to solve various business problems such as detection of fraud in a loan application and conduct investigations ranging from employee fraud to data security breaches. Some examples of our work include predicting failures along a pipeline for a large pipeline operator in North America and provide a Canadian telecom company with insights for targeting customers at risk of flight so they can be retained by providing timely customized promotions. This expertise would be extremely helpful to decipher patterns for any complex data problem you may have.

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