YYC Tech Consulting specializes in project/program delivery, organizational change management, business intelligence and analytics and operational excellence with focus on value and benefits realization. We work with clients to solve their business problems. The cornerstone of our success is working together with our clients to understand their needs, and bring a fit for purpose approach, achieving the desired business outcomes. We have a track record of delivering complex and high risk projects with a cross-disciplinary senior consulting team that has experience delivering projects across 4 continents.

Our unique benefits based approach and industry thought leadership gives our clients the confidence that YYC Tech will deliver results. Our core focus is applying system thinking and methods in bringing people, process and technology process together to improve performance and achieve remarkable results. We provide a depth of consultants that are focused on delivering projects on time, within budget and focused highly on client satisfaction. Our knowledgeable and integrated team helps clients frame their strategic aspirations, convert business requirements to solutions, and develop broader organizational capabilities to support benefits realization across the enterprise. When your project is failing or you need a guaranteed, integrated and successful execution of your project, YYC Tech Consulting will be there to deliver.

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Business Intelligence, Forensics & Predictive Analytics YYC

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We have deep expertise in mathematical algorithms and techniques such as quantitative risk analysis, multi-criteria decision making, constrained optimization, market and sentiment analysis, security threats detection to decipher patterns from…

Information & Knowledge Management

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Two key goals of the modern business must be: 1.transforming corporate information into a valuable, strategic asset; and, 2. mitigating the risks associated with high-value, high-risk data such as operating…

Operational Excellence & Business Transformation

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With expertise across core project capabilities, we help clients mine the value from tighter linkages between operations and projects, innovations and technology, and strategy and the organization. We work at…